Alpha Class
Class: Spring 2009
Class Dad: Edmar Viloria
Program Educator: Daniel Kim
Captain: Vinh Nguyen
Co-Captain: James Tang
Anchor: Wataru Inoue



James Tang

Mechanical Engineering

Big Brother: Matt Greczek
Little Brothers: Francisco Casambre and Kevin Anthony Moy

Props to my family, my big bro karma, my shinobi daddy, my fierce educator, ALL OF THE ADVENT ALPHAS, and all the bros who gave me words of encouragement.

If life asks for your all, give it even more”

Vinh Nguyen

Criminal Law and Justice

Big Brother: Michael Lamdagan
Little Brother: Jae Lee

Props to the Founders for forming this fraternity: So Smooth, Fossil, Lil Hyper 1, Goofy, Maestro, Incognito, Props to my passionate pd Shikamaru, my fierce pe Styxx, my almighty biggie Bam Bam, my awesome twin Footloose, My ADVENT LINE! Luk.e.y. and K.O.tee (WE DID IT!), and to all the bros in KPIB!

Wataru Inoue


Big Brother: Giancarlo Flores
Little Brothers: Tim Matsushita and Kenneth Hong

To my family, my gf Hannah, my big Giancarlo, my pledge fadder Shikamaru, my educator Styxx, and all the bro’s thats sacrificed so much so that we could have this opportunity to join this fraternity. And to my line: WE MADE IT GUYS. thank you all and much love

“A person, who no matter how desperate the situation, gives others hope, is a true leader” -Daisuke Ikeda